Full Name
Galen Smith
Job Title

I began my journey with Redbox over a decade ago.  In 2009, I joined Coinstar, Redbox’s former parent company, and assumed the role of Corporate Vice President of Finance and Treasurer in 2010.  In 2011, I transitioned to Senior Vice President of Finance at Redbox where I led financial operations and business negotiations, including studio deals.  In 2013, I became Chief Financial Officer of Outerwall (Coinstar Inc. after a name change) — eventually rising to the role of Chief Executive Officer of Redbox in 2016, where I remain today.
My path to Redbox is not what you might expect.  Some might be surprised to know that I have a background in fundraising, teaching, and as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley.  As a banker, I worked with many different companies — some that aligned with my values and an attractive corporate culture, and others that did not.  By working with various companies, I learned that it’s critically important to join a workplace where your values matter.  Through Redbox’s genuine commitment to its core values — integrity, respect, accountability, dedication, humility, and communication — I’ve found a tight knit, resilient community I’m proud to call my Redbox family.  

Moreover, I’m continuously amazed by our team’s resiliency and innovation.  During my time here, I’ve seen Redbox adapt to and overcome a wide range of obstacles.  While we’ve kept our physical business at the core of our operations, I’ve overseen the addition of digital offerings, attracting new customers while keeping old ones in our ecosystem.  Most notably is the launch of Redbox On-Demand in 2017 and Redbox Free Live TV in 2020.  Regardless of the innovation or product, we’ve always been able to keep a great customer experience at the forefront.  Getting perspectives from employees with a wide variety of backgrounds is and will continue to be crucial to our future innovation efforts.

Some personal facts about me:
I completed my undergraduate degree in Political Science at Wheaton College and hold an MBA in Finance and Economics from the University of Chicago.  
I‘ve been married to my wife for 22 years and we currently live in Washington with our two children, where we enjoy spending time together.  In my free time, you can catch me watching a movie, riding my bike, reading spy books, or watching football…  my love of the Seahawks is no secret.
My family and I like supporting non-profits and some areas of focus include kids, homelessness, human trafficking, education and racial injustice.

Galen Smith