Full Name
Dirk Wittenborg
Job Title
Foxxum / rlaxxTV

Dirk Wittenborg is Co-Founder and President of Foxxum, a CTV Operating System (OS) provider used by major TV Brands worldwide. Inspired by Apple’s introduction of the iPhone shortly before, Foxxum started with the idea to develop a smart set-top box back in 2008. With the rise of smart TVs, Foxxum became increasingly requested to share experience and technical solutions with TV manufacturers helping to capture the upcoming market opportunity. Since its foundation in 2011, Foxxum has grown into a worldwide leader, partnering with major TV brands. In 2020 Dirk and Ronny Lutzi, Co-Founder of Foxxum, launched the FAST/AVOD service rlaxx TV. Within its first 12 months the service was rolled out on 100% of all connected devices, launched in more than 25 countries, and will become a significant revenue contribution to the Foxxum CTV OS in the near future.Before Foxxum, Dirk worked in banking and strategy consulting with one of the major consulting firms. In 1997 he moved on to his first entrepreneurial role by founding a strategy consulting boutique that developed a fast-growing international business within three years, before it was acquired by a software and technology consulting group in 2000. In 2002 Dirk established the investment holding Axxola with majority investments infashion, education service, coffee and coffee machines, dune buggies, and hospitality in Brazil, Germany, and Spain. He also holds his Foxxum investment through Axxola.Dirk holds a master ́s degree in business administration, is passionateabout water sports activities,and is a father of five girls.

Dirk Wittenborg