Full Name
Ian Fletcher
Job Title
Grass Valley
Chief Application Designer

Ian Fletcher’s broadcast career began at the BBC, where he worked as a sound engineer, before setting up his own video production company. During this time Ian became increasingly interested in the new, low-cost Micro Computers and the potential they offered for innovative solutions in the broadcast industry. 

This led to the formation of OmniBus Systems, pioneers in the development of computer control systems for television studios.

As CTO of OminBus Systems Ian spearheaded many of the technological revolutions in the broadcast industry, including the transition from tape to server-based systems, news automation - with development of the MOS protocol - large-scale multichannel automation and the ground-breaking software-based playout system, iTX.

Over the years, Ian has received a number of industry accolades, including the coveted Queen’s Award for Innovation, he is also a SMPTE fellow.

Following OmniBus’ acquisition by Miranda and the subsequent merger with Grass Valley, Ian has continued to drive the development of software systems, particularly in the emerging areas of cloud and virtualisation. He is currently Chief Application Designer, overseeing the development of Grass Valley’s ground-breaking AMPP solution.

Ian Fletcher